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Uniform and Demographics Instructions

The Uniform and Demographics form is used to compile the necessary employee data to order uniforms, create ID Cards, assign posts, and help ensure all Hamilton employees are equipped with the tools required to perform the job. 

If you are scheduled to work more than 24 hours with Hamilton at any of the various sites that require a Hamilton Uniform, you are required to fill out the form. 

Information you will need before you begin!

1. Clear Headshot (Preferably in Hamilton Uniform Shirt)

2. Waist Measurement 

3. Pants Length Measurement

4. Guard Card Number and Expiration Date 

5. Firearms Permit Number and Expiration Date 

6. Baton Permit Number 

All uniform items will be deducted from 2 or 3 paychecks depending on cost of items. However, you will be reimbursed for all items returned in good and useable condition.  

For Guard Card Information use this link  ~ 

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