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Hamilton Private Security has been providing qualified security professionals for over 11years. We have trained hundreds of security officers and have achieved awards for the highest job placement rate throughout Los Angeles County for each of the eleven years. (SBWIB)
Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of armed and unarmed security professionals to our valued clients and partners. To ensure we live up to our standards, we require that each officer completes a 96-hour training program approved by the State Bureau governing security. This program includes 40 hours of coursework mandated by California under Assembly Bill 2880 in addition to 56 hours of supervisory training. Each officer is certified under California law and is skilled in public relations, communications, customer service and conflict resolution.
Our company understands that today's challenging workplace environment requires specialized skills to deal with situations ranging from difficult patrons to the dynamics of domestic terrorism. We recognize the value of having "best practices" training in areas such as sexual harassment and workplace violence preparing our officers to respond appropriately.
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