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How Payroll Works 

Hamilton's paydays are on the 7th and 23rd of each month, and checks are available to be picked up at 4pm. 

  • If payday lands on a Saturday, paychecks are made available Friday at 4pm.

  • If payday lands on a Sunday, paychecks will be available on Monday at 4pm. 

The first payday of the month is on the 7th. This paycheck covers hours worked from the 22nd of the previous month through the 5th of the current month. 

The second payday of the month is on the 23rd. This paycheck covers hours worked from the 6th through the 21st of the current month. 

Direct Deposit is a convenient option; however, direct deposit takes two business days before it becomes available in your bank account.


This means that you will likely receive the payment in your bank account on the 9th and 25th of each month.

Direct Deposit is for employees who don't live paycheck to paycheck. You could wait a total of 4-5 days before the money is available to you. 

If you elect Direct Deposit, please fill out and submit the Request Form found below. 

Direct Deposit Request Form

Please make sure that you input your information correctly.


If you have any questions regarding this form, please call 818-702-6640 during normal business hours.

Thank you 

Thanks for submitting!
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